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Join the Community!

Participate in our active Discord Server (button link above) 
where you can sign-up to compete
in Tournaments or
post a
suggestion for new content you'd like to see added in-game..

Ranked Battles!

Play for fun or climb the ranked ladder in Rated games.
Craft your spellbook wisely and become the best in this competitive multiplayer artillery strategy game!

100+ Achievements!

Unlock all achievements and become a true completionist..

Battle other Arcanists to earn them all. Some achievements can even unlock unique outfits for you to try in Character Creation!


Have you got what it takes to become a Master Arcanist?

Starting Out


Finally, go forth and unleash carnage in multiplayer
free-for-alls or teams 
with up to 24 players in a single game!

Up, Up and Up some more.png


Customise your very own Arcanist character, conjure your spellbook and wreak havoc on your opponent in ­online multiplayer!
Choose from over 100,000 costume combinations and 
150+ unique spells!


Be advised, however... you may only bring 16 spells in multiplayer games.
Choose wisely, build your spellbook strategically and ensure you read the spell descriptions!

Content Showcase 

Check out the gameplay footage on YouTube!

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