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Discover the Magic...

Customise the game and explore the endless possibilities!

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Click Here: Arcanists 2 Wiki

Check out our in-depth wiki page
for even more info on the game!

Click Here: FunOrb Wiki

See here for info on the original game 
'Arcanists', hosted on FunOrb by Jagex Ltd.


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Gamemode Options

Choose from a wide range of game options and decide how you want to play!


Elementals Mode

The Elementals gamemode introduces a full spellbook in addition to your custom mixed book, giving you a huge variety of strategic options for battle against other Arcanists!

mark of fame.png

Arcane Monster

Challenge selected players to an Arcane Monster battle of skill and cunning! These are the same abilities that Jagex Mods had in the original game.

random spell.fw.png

Random Spells

Don't know which spells to use?
No problem! All players' spells become randomised by the game.
RNG will decide your fate now!

24 Players

Play with up to 24 players online in epic free for all's or team games!
More players = crazier gameplay!


Shuffle Players

Randomise the player order in-game!

Spell Restrictions

Set your own rules and disable the use of specific spells for all players in your unranked game lobby..!


Map Environments

Select one of 16 unique map arenas on which to battle and vanquish your opponents!
Beware! Most maps have a powerful 'Armageddon' effect which initiates after
a 10-turn countdown...
...Gradually destroying the map terrain, making it difficult for you to escape its destructive wrath!

(See our wiki page on Maps for more Armageddon info!

Grassy Hills.png

Grassy Hills

Armageddon: None

Murky Swamp.png

Murky Swamp

Armageddon: Storm

Arcane Crystals.png

Arcane Crystals

Armageddon: Arcane Arrows



Armageddon: Acid Rain

Giants Mountains.png

Giants Mountain

Armageddon: Volcano



Armageddon: Rain of Chaos

Snowy Hills.png

Snowy Hills

Armageddon: Presents

Space Nexus.png

Space Nexus

Armageddon: Arcane Meteor

Elven Isles.png

Elven Isles

Armageddon: Comet

Sky Castles.png

Sky Castles

Armageddon: Sky Ray

Ocean Floor.png

Ocean Floor

Armageddon: Brine/Clams

Kharazi Jungle.png

Kharazi Jungle

Armageddon: Dark Totem

Goblin Caves.png

Goblin Caves

Armageddon: Fissure

Mos Le'Harmless.png

Mos Le'Harmless

Armageddon: Monkeys!

Dark Fortress.png

Dark Fortress

Armageddon: Rain of Fire

Alien World.png

Alien World

Armageddon: Shooting Stars

Spell Selection

Choose from a vast selection of 150+ extraordinary spells to bring in multiplayer battle!
- There are a total of 15 uniquely themed spellbooks, each containing 12 magical spells.
- Selecting all spells from one spellbook unlocks a 'Familiar' effect enabling use of a special ability/extra spells.
- You're limited to
 just 16 spells in your book... so choose wisely and be sure to read the descriptions...!
(See our wiki page on Spells for more in-depth info!

Plus much more...!

Save your
Outfits & Books

As the game is stored locally on your PC, you can now save your costumes and spellbooks.

Choose one of the presets in-game using a quick select menu!

Share Spellbooks
& Outfits

Show off your custom outfit designs and spellbook creations with other players in the multiplayer lobby.

Save replay files after spectating or playing a game and watch them whenever you like, on demand. Replay files can also be shared with others, accessible via the Main Menu!

Replay Games

Design and Create

Our tutorial framework enables you to create custom guides to help teach others how to become an Arcanists expert!

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