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Arcanists 2 is a captivating online, turn-based multiplayer strategy game where you can create your own character and select a book of spells to bring in to battle with up to 12 people!

This popular game originally hosted on FunOrb by Jagex (creators of RuneScape) has been accurately re-created thanks to developer pur3 extreme.
We are a free to play, non-profit project, serving to bring the game back for the fans of the original. It is important to note that Jagex are the owners of Arcanists and all credit goes to them.

Arcanists 2 has been re-coded from the ground up using Unity as the game engine. Playable on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android! Click on the following link for our installation guides.

We are a strong community held on Discord, so please be sure to join us there!

There are already new features, new spells and includes all old original gameplay aspects with much more to come. Please check out our new features page for more info.

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Arcanist2017 - Click for Twitch

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