Installation Guides

Check out our video installation guides below.
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You can download the game directly through the website using the links below, or via google drive by clicking on Play for Free Now. 
We support Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile (Android) 


Install on Windows


1. Download the Arcanists file using the link above.
2. Extract the zip into your designated games folder.
3. Double click the Arcanists 2.exe program to run the game.
Note: Only works for Windows Versions 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit 


1. On your Android device, click on the 'Play Now' link above and download the 'Arc2.apk' file.
2. Once downloaded, open the file and your will be asked if you would like to install. Click yes.
3. Arcanists should now be installed on your Android device.

frost book.png

Install on Mobile (Android)

Install on Mac


1. Download the zip file.
2. Extract the zip and copy the MacArcanists file to your /Applications folder.
3. Open terminal and run:
chmod +x /Applications/
4. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General and near the bottom half, allow the app and open it.
Note:  Only works for MacOS Versions 10.12+

Install on Linux


1. Download the file.

2. Navigate to where the file was saved (typically downloads)​

3. Extract the downloaded file by right clicking the file and choosing 'Extract to'

4. Open a Terminal and change directory to where the files were extracted

5. Make the file executable using this command: sudo chmod +x Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64​

6. Navigate to the Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64 file and double click it to open the game(or within the terminal type ./Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64​)

Note: Only works for Ubuntu Versions 16.04+