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New Features

Here's a look at some of the new features in game.
Play the game now for more detail on what we've added!

Check out the original Arcanists FunOrb Wiki page for more info on the original game features.

Gamemode Settings

Here's a look at the new game modes you can play!

Elementals Gamemode


The Elementals gamemode introduces a full spellbook in addition to your custom mixed book, giving you a huge variety of strategic options for battle against other Arcanists!

mark of fame.png

Arcane Monster Gamemode

Challenge selected players to an Arcane Monster battle of skill and cunning! These are the same abilities that Jagex Mods had in the original game.

24 Player Games

Play with up to 24 players (over the original maximum of 6) online in free for all's or team games!

Random Spellbooks

random spell.fw.png

Make games interesting by having a randomized spellbook!


Shuffle Players

Shuffle players in game for a randomized turn order

Original Spells


Keep things oldschool with the original spells and game mechanics mode for that OG experience


Zero Shield/FTT

Zero Shield is now a gamemode.
FTT (First Turn Teleport) makes it so both players teleport on the first turn

Spell Restrictions

Want to restrict the use of specific spells? Well now you can in this new gamemode!


Check out our new spellbooks below. Switch between the pages to view our 3 new books.


Book of Illusion

Illusion spells focus on getting through map terrain and attacking just out of reach!

Level 1 Spells


Disrupts spells going through it and confuses arrow spells

Level 2 Spells

Magical Barrier.png

Magical Barrier:
Stops up to 50 spells. Lasts 3 turns

Level 3 Spells


Duplicate any minion or player. Spawns with half of the originals health

Whisper Bomb.png

Whisper Bomb:
40 damage
Ignores all collision for the first 0.166 seconds of being thrown

Whisper Arrow.png

Whisper Arrow:
65 damage
Ignores all collision for the first 1 and a half seconds of flight


Become a phantom for 2 turns. Limits your spells to Arcane and Illusion

Air Surge.png

Air Surge:
50 damage
A sudden burst of air that travels in a straight line

The ol' Swaperoo:
Swap places with a target or just move yourself a short distance

Color Spray.png

Color Spray:
50-110 damage
Increases damage potential with each bounce, up to 3 times

Floating Castle.png

Floating Castle:
Up, up and away!


Gives you the ability to glide for one turn

Summon Phantom.png

Summon Phantom:
Ignores terrain, cannot be hit directly as spells pass through it. Can cast air surge if equipped

New Maps & Menus


The final destination for the mightiest of Arcanists is in space. This town is the home of the strongest arcane users named "Arcane Monsters". The shrine in the center of the village, powered by the presence of the planet "Arcanus"  is where only a chosen few arcanists gains the ability to become one. This map is the biggest of them all, and keep an eye out for any otherworldly arcane meteors that might interfere the fight.

Space Nexus  Map


Wasteland Map

A polluted island created by a band of Cog Arcanists, which is the home of their tinkering around. The sheer pollution of the place is so unhealthy for the environment that the clouds in the sky occasionally rains acid!


Dark Fortress Map

The demons of hell have opened their hellish gateways to allow Arcanists to engage in battle atop of their really tall fortresses hidden in the ash filled clouds of hell, which after a while, rains fireballs!


Ocean Floor Map

Ever wondered where those drowned arcanists end up at? The Ocean Floor is where their sunken corpses are laid rest at.  Beware of any occasional brine storms and falling clams approaching the seabed!

Save your costumes and books
As the game is stored locally on your PC, you can now save your costumes and spellbooks.

You can quickly choose one of the presets in-game using a quick select menu!

Watch replays of your games
You can now save replays after a game which allows you to watch them back whenever you want from the home menu. Replays can also be shared!

Share your spells and outfits
We have made big improvements to the game and you can now share your outfits and spellbooks directly with others in the game lobby!

Create and share tutorials
Our new tutorial framework allows you to create custom guides that you can share with others and help teach them how to become an Arcanists expert!

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