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Join Us In-Game!

Play now in web browser or install the game client...

Play on Browser

Click the button below to play in your web browser.
(Please note that Unity does not support mobile browsers. We hope to bring an official app to iOS/Android soon)

Link to Play in Browser

Install the Game Client

See below to download and install the game client for your OS
(Recommended. This is the most stable and reliable way to play Arcanists)

Install on Windows


1. Download the Arcanists file using the link above.
2. Extract the zip into your designated games folder.
3. Double click the Arcanists 2.exe program to run the game.
Note: Only works for Windows Versions 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 11 64-bit 

Arcanists Imp

1. On your Android device, click on the 'Play Now' link above and download the 'Arc2.apk' file.
2. Once downloaded, open the file and your will be asked if you would like to install. Click yes.
3. Arcanists should now be installed on your Android device.

* Note that if you download from this link, the apk file is in a .zip file which you will need to extract within your device first.

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Install on Mobile (Android)

Install on macOS


1. Download the zip file from the link above.


2. Extract the zip* and move the 'MacArcanists2' game client file to your /Applications folder.
(* ignore this if your Mac extracts the zip file automatically after download).

Master Diplomat Achievement

3. Copy the text below:

chmod +x /Applications/\ 2

4. Open the 'Terminal' application on your Mac and paste the text copied from above. Then press the enter key to run the command.

(If you receive a message stating 'no such file or directory' something is incorrect and the game won't open. Delete all game client files from your Applications folder/elsewhere, re-download the game and try repeating this process again).

5. Open the Arcanists 2 game from your Applications folder. You may be told the file cannot be opened as the developer cannot be identified. In this case:

- Go to System Preferences/System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> General. 

- Scroll down toward the bottom and you will see an exception message for 'Arcanists 2'. 

- Click on the 'Open Anyway' button. You should now have access to play the game.

Note:  Only works for macOS Versions 10.13+

Install on Linux


1. Download the file.

2. Navigate to where the file was saved (typically downloads)​

3. Extract the downloaded file by right clicking the file and choosing 'Extract to'

4. Open a Terminal and change directory to where the files were extracted

5. Make the file executable using this command: sudo chmod +x Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64​

6. Navigate to the Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64 file and double click it to open the game(or within the terminal type ./Linux_86_64_Arcanists2.x86_64​)

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